My microblading experience

My brows have always been pretty full, but after a dodgy threading experience, where I felt half my eyebrow had been ripped out, I decided to look into ways of getting them back to how they were.

I’ve seen some semi-permanent makeup result in very Sharpie-esque brows but this is something microblading promises not to give you, and should result in brows that look like natural hair strokes.

I had mine done at Jakeman & Green, Ripon in November 2017 and I thought I’d answer some questions to help you decide if microblading is for you.

What is microblading?
It’s a form of semi permanent makeup that uses a hand-held blade to draw hair-like strokes onto your skin. A tiny blade is used to cut the skin then pigment is pushed into this, resulting in strokes that look, if done properly, like individual hairs.

What happens at your appointment?
I know the process changes between each technician and how they are trained but here’s my experience!

The process is completed in two appointments (three if you count the consultation and patch test) 4-6 weeks apart.

My first appointment started with choosing my shape. Stacey, my technician, used tools to map out my perfect brows; length, arch and thickness, and then asked me what I thought. When we were both completely happy with the shape, and I had chosen my colour, she began her work.

The actual microblading process took around 40 minutes where each brow has three rounds of ‘cuts’. Between each stage liquid anaesthetic is applied, although I’ll speak more about that later! My top up appointment, 6 weeks later, took considerably less time as the basic shape was already there and this time there were only two rounds of blading.

This is straight after my first appointment. Before & after.

How much does it cost?
The cost of microblading varies significantly. I’ve seen salons charge over £500 and I’ve seen offers for about £70. But I’d really encourage you to avoid Groupon deals etc., as some results I’ve seen have been shocking. It’s not something to go cheap on… it’s your face and they’re going to last for at least a year! The best is to research a technician’s work and make an enquiry yourself.

How long does it last?
This hugely depends on your aftercare and your skin type. I’ve seen recommended times between 1 – 3 years but I think the average is about a year to 18 months before you need them re-doing.

Does it hurt?
I won’t lie, yes! It really does sting and feels a lot like raw sunburn 1-2 days after. I’ve heard a lot of places use numbing cream before but I’ve read this can mean the pigment doesn’t take as well, meaning your brows won’t last.

I had liquid anaesthetic put on after the first round of cuts, as it will only be effective on broken skin, but honestly this didn’t make it pain free, at all. It’s a really, really intense scratching feeling. The cuts are made with accuracy meaning the blade is slowly dragged along your skin and the sound you hear is pretty off putting!

It’s not unbearable but you can definitely feel it. Although I’ve heard people say it’s the worst thing they’ve ever experienced, and some say they hardly felt it so I can’t really say what you’d experience.

What’s the healing process?
This is something again different technicians vary on. Some promote dry healing and some promote wet, I’m really not an expert so I don’t know what difference these make!

I was advised not to get my brows wet at all for 10 days and use bepanthen cream on them as advised for about 3 weeks.

The first 1-3 days my brows were DARK. The pigment looked extremely intense, but I was warned about this, however nothing had prepared me for how ridiculous they would actually look against my blonde hair.

The next few days they’re supposed to itch, scab* and flake off and actually make it seem like you have no brows at all! For some reason I didn’t experience this, and my brows just still looked as dark. They did itch a little but that’s all.

*Whatever you do, DO NOT pick off these scabs! You’ll rip the pigment out and be left with the brows you started with.

2 weeks after.

About 10 days after the colour settled down a bit and day 16 they looked like this.

Day 16.


They were then fully healed by Christmas and I only had to fill them in the tiniest bit!

I then had my top-up and they’ve been a lot less dramatic. They’ve scabbed the tiniest bit, but now look a little softer than this image.

Straight after my top-up.
Before, after first appointment, after top-up.

Overall I’m so pleased with them! It’s definitely worth the pain and cost and when my brows fade, if they feel sparse, I’ll 100% get them done again.

If you’ve got any more questions please just message me!

Meg x

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