My makeup storage and dressing table

I don’t know if you can really class it as a ‘hobby’, but I am obsessed with organisation (and makeup). Decluttering YouTube videos are some of my favourite to watch, so it’s no surprise that everything in my life is very organised. I could actually spend all day sorting through bits, decluttering and finding new ways of storing things.


My old makeup storage consisted of some Muji acrylic drawers, on an IKEA VITTSJÖ desk, and an IKEA Alex 6 drawer set. But as my interest in makeup has grown, and I have invested more into my collection, I have quickly outgrown this. So just like every other beauty blogger, I headed to IKEA in search of 2 IKEA Alex 5 drawers and a Linnmon table top, both in white, of course.


I’ve kept all my lip products on top, in my Muji storage, with all my minis and tester-sized products in the 2 drawers below. I definitely have a soft spot for buying lip products but I’m aware I need to use them all more so this keeps all my products easy to see and reach for, and also encourages me to try my testers. Next to these are my perfumes.


My mirror is actually from Argos! I got it years ago but there’s so many similar on the market like this one from Dunelm.

On the left of my table I have some of my most used brushes and my No.7 Rose Gold magnifying mirror. I think my brush holder was from Muji, and my plants are from IKEA.



The rest of my makeup is hidden away in the drawers below as I just hate clutter! Everything is organised inside, with the help of old Glossybox boxes, and a good lot of tetris to slot palettes in their perfect place. For now I won’t bore you with the contents of every drawer but they’re categorised into eyes, eyeshadow, blush/bronzer/highlight and base & contour.

table drawers.png

In the remaining drawers I have hair, bath and body products and have somehow also had to keep my old 6 drawer Alex, which now houses my nail products, back-ups and blogging equipment.

So that’s it for now! I’m definitely a lot happier with this set up as it feels a lot sturdier and means I can mostly hide away my products. I love how clean and simple it looks and of course I love how many drawers I have!

Let me know your thoughts on my storage and if one day you’d like a makeup collection? Thanks for reading!

Meg x

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