Delicious, yet healthy

Following on from my recent blog post “5 Steps to become a healthier you” I thought I best now let you know where I go to for my fix of both tasty and healthy food because, if there’s something you must know about me, then it is that there’s nothing I enjoy more than eating out. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or, the most important of all, brunch, I just feel like you can’t beat treating yourself.

I’ve visited Filmore & Union numerous times with friends and after showing a work colleague their menu we decided to take a trip out to the Wetherby branch.

Filmore&Union Wetherby

We actually turned up at exactly the same time as four other parties, but this didn’t delay the experience. Everyone was seen to and sat down within seconds and the service was attentive, professional, and friendly. Having been stuck in heavy traffic, we missed getting there in time for the breakfast menu, so missed out on the heavily sought after pancakes – but that leaves us with the perfect excuse to return!

With pancakes off the menu we both decided (after much deliberation from me) on classic bagels. I chose the Hot Jacks on a multi seed bagel and it was delicious.

I think the pictures do the talking!


My colleague went for the Salt of London, with salt beef, gherkins and mustard.


The food just tastes so fresh and just… healthy! The portion sizes are hearty without over facing you with food. I’d usually always get a cake or treat afterwards but the bagels proved enough on their own.

It’s the kind of food you could eat every day without getting bored as there’s so much choice. All the meals are made from fresh wholesome foods and there really is something for everyone, from burgers to smashed avocado, I’m sure you can find the dish for you.


The vibe in Filmore & Union’s Wetherby branch is warm and welcoming with a tasteful décor and soundtrack to match. Plus can you really beat a dog friendly eatery that offers free wifi? I think not.

What would you order?

Meg x


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