Take your lashes to the next level

As a child I thought it’d be a wonderful idea to give my lashes a ‘trim’. I mean, that’s what you get told makes your hair grow, so I thought it would do the same to my eyelashes. It didn’t.

I’ve considered getting lash extensions but I really don’t think I would keep up with the maintenance, and honestly, I don’t think they’d suit me at all. So now I’m stuck with lashes a couple of millimetres shorter than they should be, and searching for the right mascara.

My favourite mascara is definitely Benefit Roller Lash. It gives the perfect amount of separation for me but the length of my lashes is still not great. So this is why I use CODE FFL Forget Fake Lashes.

CODE FFL is described as a pre-mascara lash plumper, which gives instant volume, thickness and length, or as CODE say – the spanx to your little black dress.

Here are my lashes before any product.


Here are my lashes only with Benefit Roller Lash.


Here are my lashes using CODE FFL and Benefit Roller Lash.


My lashes are so much thicker and fuller and the results seem to last all day – I just love IMG_3901it! The formula is a light brown, creamy consistency, which you apply to your bare lashes as close to the root as possible. It looks and feels a little weird at first but you just apply like a normal mascara, wait 30 seconds and pop your favourite mascara on top. Priced at £18 I think it’s really reasonable considering the amount I’d be paying for lash extensions!

I’d really recommend this to anyone looking for that extra boost for their own lashes without having to wear false ones. I can’t imagine how good the results would be on someone with amazing lashes already!

Have you tried any pre-mascara plumpers?

Meg x

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