How to get a healthy white smile

My teeth straight after braces

Having had braces for over 2 and a half years, getting them taken off was the biggest relief. I got them taken off July 2015 and it was everything I’d hoped for. A perfectly straight white set of teeth had made all the pain, elastic band snapping, and just general wear of braces all worth it. However I look back at this picture and really, really regret not wearing my retainer as often as advised.

So I’ve started the process of getting my teeth back to how they were by wearing my retainer, but that also means getting them back to a nice white shade. I’ve tried so many methods of teeth whitening – from toothpaste, to strips, to bleach – but each method has a downside, which means I was in need for an alternative.

That’s where Just Smile UK Activated Charcoal comes into play. It’s the only method I’ve tried that doesn’t result in painful, sensitive teeth and delivers natural looking results. Bleaching my teeth was so successful and I had the whitest teeth I’ve ever had but the sensitivity, and cost that came with it really put me off.


Activated Charcoal removes stains and discolouration with no pain, and is so much more affordable. You can read all about how the charcoal removes stains here.

I’ve been using the product for a week, 2 times a day and I’ve noticed such a difference in how white my teeth are, and also how clean they feel! I apologise for the difference in my skin tone in the before and after (fake tan vs. no tan) but I hope you can tell how white my teeth are now!

Before & after

It’s so easy to use – these are the instructions you receive in your package:

  1. Wet your toothbrush. Dip into the powder & apply limited amount of charcoal.
  2. Gently brush your teeth in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Wash your mouth out with water & rinse thoroughly. Use twice daily for 7 days & 3-4 times a week thereafter.

I then brush my teeth as normal with my electric toothbrush and Oral B Luxe White toothpaste, and rinse with Listerine. I also floss every other day using my electric flosser – you know it’s serious when you’re excited for an electric flosser for Christmas – and wear my retainer every night.

The powder is so finely milled that it doesn’t feel like you’re brushing grit around your mouth, which was one thing I was worried about. The only downside I have found was slight, grey discolouration to my gums, but I think that was from overuse! The first day I opened my box I used the powder at 5pm, again at 10pm, then the next morning at 8am but by 10 am the discolouration had all worn off!

If you’re looking to get whiter teeth, that look natural but is also affordable and pain free I’d really recommend Just Smile UK Activated Charcoal, you also get a free bamboo tooth brush to avoid ruining your own. You can usually get it for £16.99, but Just Smile UK currently have a sale for £12.99 plus and extra 10% off if you use the code MEG10 at the checkout!

How do you achieve a white smile?

Meg x

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