The fake tan for pale girls

Life’s better with a tan.

 I’ve tried so many fake tans – some just so terrible they manage to not even change the colour of my pale skin, and some that streak so bad. Currently I’ve got 3 on the go – Skinny Tan, St Tropez Self Tan Express and St Tropez Luxe Dry Oil but I’ve found my favourite.

St Tropez Self Tan Express or “1 Hour Tan” is the all-rounder I’ve been looking for. The other two are good but neither last as long, nor result in a nicer shade than this.

The shade after 8 hours of developing with no shower

I use a mitt to apply and it goes on smoothly, is easy to blend, but I’ll warn you that it is initially very green tinted but don’t let this put you off – I think it helps result in a more natural looking colour.

The huge selling point of this tan is obviously that it is express. It means you can leave the tan on 1, 2 or 3 hours depending on how dark you want to be – or how much time you have! It’s great before nights out when you’ve totally forgotten to tan the night before and you’ve only got a couple of hours. I won’t lie I tend to leave mine on overnight for ease, but leaving it on for 3 hours does result in a deep tan like mine as it’s designed to develop for up to 8 hours after showering!

Before & after

Washing it off after 3 hours is meant to minimise the fake tan ‘biscuity’ smell, but I’m yet to come across any tan that doesn’t smell at all. My tan lasts around 5/6 days before I’m sporting the ‘tiger bread’ look. I know I’ll continue to use it but the only downside for me is the price. £33 for 200ml is expensive but it is often on offer at boots and has seemed to last me ages – so much so that the packaging has changed since I last purchased it.

What’s your favourite fake tan?

Meg x

7 thoughts on “The fake tan for pale girls

  1. I am also REALLY pale so I’m with you on that. I’ve used St Tropez lots before and like you say it sometimes has a green tinge! I currently use the mist for my hands & feet. My all time fave is St Moriz mousse. It’s the perfect shade for me and inexpensive too. I’ve also got a bottle of Bondi Sands liquid gold on the go which is nice but I prefer a good guide colour for that instant tan! The tiger bread look made me laugh. That describes it perfectly! It’s always when it’s sunny day and the tan is at its patchy stage! 😤 Lovely post 😊

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  2. chxrlotterose

    Love this! I’m super pale and struggle with tans normally. I’ve recently been using the revamped Superdrug Solait fake tan, the dark 3 hour one. I really like it, it gives a nice deep colour if you leave it for 2-3 hours and then wash it off. Takes around 8 hours to develop then but lasts around 5 days before going patchy and even then it’s nowhere near as bad as most tans I have tried. I have the overnight tanning face mask too and that’s lovely, buildable depending how many nights you apply it and leaves your skin super soft as well 🙂 xx

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  3. Great post for a fellow pale polly like me! Im currently using bbold tan – the lotion version as there are a couple of different ones. Its the first tan that has faded perfectly after a few day, no patchiness. Any remanents just washed off in the shower with a little scrub!

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