Summer scents

I really have a thing for buying perfume. I love being able to choose a different smell depending on my mood, where I’m going, or what the weathers like, so whittling it down to just 3 of my favourite scents for summer was quite a task.


1) Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay
Jo Malone colognes are some of my favourites and it’s definitely not a surprise two have featured in this post. First up is Blackberry & Bay. With top notes of blackberry, no surprise, combined with dry cedar wood and bay leaves, this scent is really vibrant and something quite different. It’s very fruity, which is not something I’d normally choose, but I love it as it’s tart and has a very rich scent. I wasn’t sure about it from the name but as soon as I smelt it I fell in love!


2) Jo Malone Sakura Cherry Blossom
Number 2 is sadly a limited edition scent by Jo Malone. Sakura Cherry Blossom was first released in 2011 but it returned in the Blue Skies and Blossoms collection in 2015 – which means I’m running very low so I need suggestions of alternatives please! It’s a floral, citrus scent and is just so light and fresh I love wearing it on a hot day. The bottle is lovely, and the scent is very delicate, with notes of rose and bergamot, I’m very glad I bought the 100ml bottle!


3) Escentric Molecules Molecule 01
Last but not least is Molecule 01. It’s the perfume I’ve always had the most compliments and questions about because it’s really unlike anything else you’ll wear. It’s based on a single note, Iso E Super, which creates a subtle scent and mixes with your pheromones to smell different on all wearers. Molecule 01 is a unisex scent and has an initial velvetly, woody aroma, and does claim to enhance your allure, but whether or not that’s true I’m not sure! I’m still yet to try any other scents from Escentric Molecules but they’re on my wish list as Molecule 01 has been the perfume I’ve repurchased the most.

What are your must-have scents for summer?

Meg x

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