5 plans for summer

Having left school last year it means that this will be my first summer where I won’t be having months of free time to spend lazing around, doing nothing. It means I’m busy planning my free time, so I thought I’d share with you 5 things I plan to do this summer.


Seeing my friends
Having most of my close friends away at university has been hard this year, going from seeing them nearly every day, to not even once a month is something that’s taken a lot of getting used to. It’s been a huge downside I’ve experienced from staying home, I’ve missed the whole uni experience, especially the social side – more on that at a later date! I can’t wait for them all to finish exams and get back home!

Cape Verde
I booked my summer holiday in January and ever since I’ve been so excited. My boyfriend and I went to the travel agents with the plans to go to the Canary Islands (as I love Lanzarote) however we soon got showed pictures of Cape Verde and we couldn’t say no! The travel agent described the islands as a ‘Carribbean closer to home’ and I can definitely see why. Even though it cost a bit more than we’d planned I can’t wait to have miles of white sand to ourselves.


The KP 
The KP in Pocklington is a golf resort but they also offer luxury lodges. It was my birthday trip away and I’d love to go back throughout summer to see the difference in the weather as when I went it was snowing! We stayed in the Huxtable Suite, with a hot tub, and the most amazing bathroom! All the staff were friendly, and it was lovely to relax and have a secluded area to ourselves.

Trip to the coast
One of my favourite days out in England is going to the coast. My favourite spots are Southport, and Robin Hood’s Bay. Despite the walk up and down the hill, Robin Hood’s Bay is one of my favourite places ever. I love the streets, the fish and chips, and of course the chocolate fountain. I’m sure I’ll be visiting numerous times throughout the warmer weather.


I really want to get back into baking. Starting my job has thrown me off a bit, but I’m slowly getting back into a routine and I’d love to spend more time baking again. I find it so therapeutic, but also love experimenting with new recipes, flavours and methods. My favourite thing I’ve made so far is my rainbow cake, it may take a while, but the results are so worth it!

What have you got planned for summer? I’d love to know!

Meg x

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