Edinburgh loving

Edinburgh has always been on my list of places to visit. I’ve always heard amazing things and my recent trip definitely didn’t disappoint.

Our brief, 2 night stay has left me desperate to go back. We stayed just off the Royal Mile, a short walk from the train station, which was perfect as we were keen to see both the Old Town and the New Town.


Day 1 we set about exploring the Old Town, which is filled with picturesque buildings, winding down the never-ending streets. Camera Obscura, on Castlehill lived up to my expectations. The illusions were fascinating but I’d recommended it for the view from the top of the tower. Every direction you look you can see for miles, made even better by the great weather we had.

Camera Obscura

We spent most of the next day shopping, but we also to visited two food places I’d heard great things about. First up was Cuckoo’s Bakery. They’re some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted, one of the reasons I want to go back. I think the picture does the talking.

Cuckoo’s Cupcakes

Our final meal was at Makars Gourmet Mash Bar, which has a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. My boyfriend loves mash and gravy, and with it being his birthday trip away I decided it was only fair we visited. The food was amazing, I went for the chargrilled chicken rosti, but the lamb shank looked delicious.

I’d love to know where you’d recommend to go in Edinburgh as I’m sure I’ll be returning in no time.

Meg x

5 thoughts on “Edinburgh loving

  1. Jordan

    Love Edinburgh!

    If you like vintage shops, there’s a really cute one on the grassmarket. Museums aren’t usually my thing but The National Museum of Scotland is really nice to visit with an amazing rooftop too.

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  2. My inlaws live just outside Edinburgh, so I’ve been a few times, but never to any of the places you named. I’d love to try those cupcakes next time I visit. My favorite thing was the whiskey museum. We got to ride in a pretend whiskey barrel and learn all about whiskey.

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