The beginning

So I’ve finally built up the courage to start my own blog!

I’ve been reading blogs for about five years, and I’ve always been inspired to start my own. I feel it’s a great way to grow as a person, but with the fears of judgement, and general life getting in the way, I’ve always put it off.

After leaving sixth form I decided not to go to uni, but instead I started an apprenticeship course. It has given me the chance to write blog posts that get posted out to thousands of people which has really built up my confidence, which I hope writing my own blog will do so more.

My plans for this is to write about things I love. Whether that be a makeup product, or a holiday I’m going on, I’m just excited to see where it all takes me!

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you’ll continue to read my posts. In the meantime find out a bit more about me here, or follow me on my social media (linked below).

Meg x




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